Times of Transition - International and Trans-cultural Coaching

Going abroad as a professional is always a challenging experience. Opportunities for reflection, adaption and strategic orientation are often missing because of the absorbing necessities of the operative business. A preparing and accompanying coaching during this period can give beneficial support for stabilisation and orientation. It helps to stand firm, to adjust to the new culture, to build up sustainable structures and to secure motivation and performance.

Integration & Stabilisation - Tailor-made backup for colleagues from abroad
·         Integration of international colleagues into actual projects & consisting teams
·         Personal and professional strengthening during times of uncertainty and change
·         Sensibilisation in trans-cultural questions

Successful Expatriates - Preparation and supervision for German experts with foreign assignment
·         Mental, emotional and operational groundwork during the preparation period
·         Backup through regular TeleCoaching-sessions during the first weeks of transition
·         Strategic orientation in the new field of work

Key factors for effective transition processes
·         Defining new roles and functions
·         Building good relationships and networks
·         Positive handling of strain and stress
·         Developing adequate forms of communication and social competences

Coachings are offered in German (native) and English (excellent). In special cases also in French and Spanish (good conversation possible).

International background
International Cooperation has been one of the major areas of work of my professional life. I have accompanied development projects and international experts around the globe for more than 15 years. The coaching of managers, engineers and researchers from various cultures during their transition processes and my travels to more than 40 countries made me a cosmopolitan with a distinct cultural empathy and a deep trans-cultural understanding.                                                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Peter Gerdes